Mc-Rome© Ripari Young Group


Besides masterclasses, meant for transmitting Alwin Nikolaïs’ technique to dancers, Carolyn Carlson also cares a lot about the transmission of her repertoire.

The choreographer is regularly asked for the transmission of extracts of her creations, by important French and worldwide conservatories as well as, more and more frequently, by choreographers willing to teach to non professional yet enlightened dancers.

Much is at stake for these young amateur dancers, taking over a significant choreographic work, as well as to broaden their kknowledge of the cultural environment of the work they are studying.

The piece If to leave is to remember (2006) has been restaged by the Bordeaux Opera Ballet in March 2015 and by Finland National Opera in February 2016. Pneuma (2014) will be transmitted to the Helsinki Ballet in 2018.