All that falls© Laurent Paillier

Short Stories – All that falls

Duo. Creation December 2013, Colisée Théâtre de Roubaix.

Inspired by the book Le Prophète by Khalil Gibran, which speaks for love and tolerance in between human beings, the duet, a man and a woman, builds its relationship like a tree of life. The house building, slowly, board by board, deeply planted, stands for love building. Everything that falls between sky and earth. The place where we are.

choreography Carolyn Carlson
dancers Céline Maufroid et Juha Marsalo
music Bach, Michael Haydn, Verdi (la Traviata par Maria Callas), Vivaldi
musical advice Nicolas de Zorzi
musical arrangements Pierre-Alain Samanni
choreographic assistant Henri Mayet
lights Guillaume Bonneau
costumes Chrystel Zingiro et Aurélie Noble

production Carolyn Carlson Company
original production Centre Chorégraphique National Roubaix Nord-Pas de Calais