© Frédéric Iovino

Islands – Wind woman

Solo. Creation June 2011, Lodz (Poland).

With Wind woman, Carolyn Carlson is questioning transient feelings. Either soft or extremely powerful, wind flows without lasting. She is listening to our inner breath as well as the wind surrounding us.

Each human being through his breathing produces wind, Wind woman invites everyone to listen to the breath of earth and of his own soul.

choreography Carolyn Carlson
dancer Céline Maufroid

original music Nicolas de Zorzi
lights Guillaume Bonneau

length 8 minutes

production Carolyn Carlson Company
original production Centre Chorégraphique National Roubaix Nord-Pas de Calais
with the support of Teatro San Carlo, Naples

Teaser video

Wind women. Duet version, 2018, Teatro Petruzelli, Bari (Italy)

ph © rosellina garbo 2018

© Rosellina Garbo

Either it is soft or extremely powerful, wind flows without lasting. The choreographer chose to explore all its aspects by turning this solo created in 2011 for dancer Celine Maufroid, into a duet with dancer Sara Simeoni. The two performers follow one another in their singular performances. Wind women…

dancers Céline Maufroid and Sara Simeoni

length 15 minutes