Christian Loubradou

Islands – The Seventh man

Inspired by « The Seventh » by the poet of the Hungarian Uprising Attila JÓZSEF, The Seventh man embodies the breaks, reconstructions and promises of the present that every human being experiment all along their lives.

Between dreams and reality, the asbtracts lights of Guillaume Bonneau, the powerful, fluid and dynamic gesture of Riccardo Meneghini and the organic music by Guillaume Perret, drag the viewer to a hypnotic journey on the inner metamorphoses that make us plural human beings.

Video here

choreography Carolyn Carlson
performer Riccardo Meneghini
live or recorded music Guillaume Perret
lights Guillaume Bonneau

production Carolyn Carlson Company
Co-production | Théâtre Georges Leygues, Villeneuve sur lot
Thanks to CCN de Roubaix, Studio 28 Roubaix – Cie Zahrbat, CDCN Atelier de Paris, for use of their studios
With the financial support of Tilder