Islands – The Seventh woman

Creation 2020 at Festival Bolzano danza

Carolyn Carlson offers a delicate and totally revisited variation of the opening of The Seventh Man, this time conceived for a woman. As a prologue to Riccardo Meneghini’s solo, Sara Orselli interprets with grace and subtlety the inner lights emanating from our upheavals.
Calling forth the infinite in each movement, the dancer delivers a brief moment of full awareness.

The flowers are all dropping
in the garden make your choice
before the fall
Carolyn Carlson, Brins d’herbe, Actes Sud, 2011

Choreography | Carolyn Carlson
Interpretation | Sara Orselli
Live music | Guillaume Perret
Lighting | Guillaume Bonneau
Acknowledgement costume | agnès b.
Duration | 8 minutes
Production | Carolyn Carlson Company