Islands – Prologue Carlson/Perret

Creation 2019 at the Artonov Festival, Brussels (BE)

The choreographer deploys her “visual poetry” in an improvisation carried by Guillaume Perret’s synthetic and organic music.

 “Carolyn Carlson defies time. Her silhouette is intact and she describes with her long arms a choreography all in poetry, as she claims. No one today can rival her mastery of the upper body. The hands never stop moving, the chest expands or closes. Between dance and mime,

Carolyn Carlson tells us stories. What stories? It’s up to each of us to make up our own. There are a few sound references to ecology, a major issue of the time, but there is no reason to ignore them in order to be carried away by the scope of Carlson’s gesture. There is no showiness, no effect in his dance. Everything is fair and infinitely funny.
Jean-Frédéric Saumont for Danses avec la plume, September 2020

Choreography and interpretation | Carolyn Carlson
Live music | Guillaume Perret (electric saxophone)
Duration | about 6 minutes
Production | Carolyn Carlson Company
Special Thanks | Festival Artonov, Brussels (BE)

Video extract here