Islands – Density 21.5

Solo. Recreation June 2015 – Festival June Events, Théâtre du Soleil

Original creation May 1973, Paris Opera

Invited on May 24, 1973 by director of the Paris Opera, Rolf Liebermann, for a tribute evening to Varèse, Carolyn Carlson presents a masterful and ethereal solo, developing a real poetics of space on a music by composer Edgard Varèse. This solo is an important step in the choreographer’s career and for contemporary dance in France. The images of Carlson’s figure mid-way between human and bird fit into the choreographic imagination and revolutionize the dance world.

In 2015, 42 years after the creation of Density 21.5 at the Paris Opera, and 7 years after having passed on her mythical solo Blue Lady to Tero Saarinen and Jacky Berger, Carolyn Carlson is continuing her transfer process and gives Density 21.5 to dancer Isida Micani, as a member of the Carolyn Carlson Company.

A short video of the original Density 21.5 here

choreography and original dancer Carolyn Carlson
dancer Isida Micani
music Edgar Varese
costume Chrystel Zingiro
lights Guillaume Bonneau

production Carolyn Carlson Company
coproduction Adami à l’occasion de ses 60 ans, within the framework of Festival June Events du CDC Atelier de Paris-Carolyn Carlson
in partnership with studio 28 – cie Zahrbat
with the support of Crédit du Nord
thanks to BnF

Teaser video