Islands – Burning

Solo. Creation June 2015 – Festival June Events, Théâtre du Soleil

The solo is the essential form of Carolyn Carlson’s choreographic work. The creation of a solo is a moment for her of direct relationship with dance, the possibility of introspection. It is an intimate dialogue, without any words or explanations, searching for the unique and pure gesture.

After having choreographed Won Myeong Won in the creation Tigers in the tea house in 2004 for 3 dancers, Carolyn is now creating a solo for this exceptional korean dancer, as she did for Sara Orselli and Céline Maufroid, two emblematic dancers of her company.

Burning brings the public into a contemplative journey towards its intimate centre, discovering the ardent epicenter. It is a solo about transformations in each step of our lives, and the renewal of the life-forces. A rage to meet life at a level of the unbridled fire…

Falling man through time and loss regains a seed of fire
burning inner illumination recovers the child
lights the shadows
fires in the well
waters in the blood
born walks the Burning Man

Carolyn Carlson

choreography Carolyn Carlson
choreographic assistant & second cast Yutaka Nakata
dancer Won Myeong Won
music Meredith Monk
sound arrangements Jean-Christophe Parmentier
costume Lina Wu Ichiba
paintings Carolyn Carlson, Yutaka Nakata

light designer Guillaume Bonneau

production Carolyn Carlson Company
coproduction Adami à l’occasion de ses 60 ans, within the framework of Festival June Events – CDC Atelier de Paris-Carolyn Carlson
with the support of Crédit du Nord
thanks to The House Foundation for the Arts Meredith Monk ; with the authorization of Boosey and Hawkes Music Publishing

length 26 minutes

Teaser video