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Performances in atypical locations.

Poetry Events
For 1 to 5 dancers. Live music.

Carolyn Carlson prefers to use the term “visual poetry” to “choreography”, while describing her work. She uses dance, writing and calligraphy as means of expressing poetry. She has been publishing poetry books for many years, Le Soi et le rien (Actes Sud 2002), Solo poèmes et encres (Alternatives 2003), Inanna (2007), Brins d’herbe (Actes Sud 2011), Dialogue avec Rothko (Invenit 2011) and most recently Traces d’encre (Actes Sud, 2013).

Carolyn Carlson developed a peculiar form over the past years, at the crossroads of these experiments, Poetry Events. Within a framework of improvisation, dance, poetic readings and music intertwine to give birth to improvisations. Each Poetry event is thought for a peculiar place and for some specific dancers; it is a unique event, a privileged moment inspired by a poetic expression of infinite freedom.

production Carolyn Carlson Company

Giotto Solo – des vices et des vertus
Creation 2002, choreographie and dance Carolyn Carlson music Gavin Bryars original idea Gianni de Luigi

Des vices et des vertus (Giotto) is a solo choreographed and performed by Carolyn Carlson to music by Gavin Bryars. The piece reinterprets Giotto’s 14 frescoes depicting the Stations of the Cross in Scrovegni Chapel, Padua.

Imprinting movement in time and space, Carolyn Carlson’s body, all dressed in white, paints the artist’s emotions and perceptions. In doing so, she brings stillness to life through perpetual motion.

production Carolyn Carlson Company original production Associazione Instituto della Commedia dell’arte Internazionale