Black over red (A short dialogue with Rothko)

The solo embodies the choreographer’s book, Dialogue avec Rothko, an inspired tribute to the painter. Words and gestures band together to reveal the true nature of being. Poetry, music, lights, dance vibrate with Rothko.

Carolyn Carlson now transmits her masterpiece to the prima-ballerina Marie-Agnès Gillot from the Paris Opera. With her extraordinary technic, luminous charisma and mystic aura, it was an evident choice that the etoile dancer could interpret Rothko’s simplicity and purity but also madness.

choreography and texts Carolyn Carlson
performer Marie-Agnès Gillot
rehearsal assistant Colette Mayle
original music and live cello Jean-Paul Dessy
man voice Juha Marsalo
soundtrack collaboration Rémi Malcou
light recreation Guillaume Bonneau
original light creation Rémi Nicolas
costumes Crystel Zingiro

length 28 minutes

line production Carolyn Carlson Company
original creation in Roubaix 2013
recreation 2017

special thanks Editions Invenit, Dance Salad Festival Houston (USA), Opéra National de Paris

Possibility of a prologue

Diva Solo created in 1999 by Carolyn Carlson for Marie-Agnès Gillot

choreography Carolyn Carlson
performer Marie-Agnès Gillot
music La Mamma Morta par Maria Callas (in opéra Andrea Chénier de Umberto Giordano)

length 6 minute
creation 1999

presented by the Carolyn Carlson Company
in collaboration with Thierry Messonnier/The Publicists

Video : Diva