SYNCHRONICITY....Choregraphie : CARLSON Carolyn..Mise en scene : CARLSON Carolyn..Compagnie : Centre Chregraphique National Roubaix Nord Pas de Calais..Decor : CARRE Cedric..Lumiere : DAVIS John..Costumes : DULAC Elise..Avec :..BROOKS Alan..BERGER Jacky..MENEGHINI Riccardo..NAKATA Yutaka..KOSAKATANI Chinatsu..MAUFROID Celine..MICANI Isida..ORSELLI Sara..SIMEONI Sara..Lieu : colisee..Ville : Roubaix..Le : 03 04 2012

Crossroads to Synchronicity

For 6 dancers. Production May 2017
From the piece « Synchronicity » created in 2012

Performed by 6 of the company’s leading figures, this work inspired by Carl Jung lays bare the vital aspirations that inspire us and explores these strange coincidences that resonate in us with such intensity. A clock that stops when a beloved father passes away. An encounter that changes a destiny…

Upon video images, directed by the choreographer, the 6 dancers plunge into deep waters of danger, rebellion, love, loss, regrets and madness.

Choreography & images conception | Carolyn Carlson, in collaboration with the performers

Performers | Juha Marsalo, Riccardo Meneghini, Céline Maufroid, Isida Micani, Yutaka Nakata, Sara Orselli
Choreographic assistant | Henri Mayet

Light creation | Rémi Nicolas, assisted by Guillaume Bonneau

Scenography | Carolyn Carlson & Rémi Nicolas

Creation and musical advice | Nicolas de Zorzi

Musics / to be confirmed | Ry Cooder, Tom Waits, Bob Dylan, Alela Diane, Jean Sibelius, Gavin Bryars, Bruce Springsteen, Henry Purcell…

Costumes | Elise Dulac, in collaboration with Emmanuelle Geoffroy, Colette Perray, Léa Drouault, Cécile Pineau

Film collaboration 2012 | Juliette Louste ; Zahra Poonawala ; Olivier Madar, Vecteur M, Le Fresnoy, Studio National des Arts Contemporains. Thanks to CCN Roubaix & le Colisée.
Films extras | Amélie Vallée, Maya Milet, Emilie Burc, Gaëtan Lhirondelle, Marine Bouillon, Cédric Carré, Van-Kim Tran, Dimitri La Sade-Dotti, Juha Marsalo, Antonia Vitti, Sara Orselli, Céline Maufroid, Yutaka Nakata, Isida Micani, Jacky Berger, Chinatsu Kosakatani et Yoshi Moens

In homage to John Davis

Duration | 70 minutes

Production | Carolyn Carlson Company
Co-production | Théâtre de Rungis
With the help of CDC Atelier de Paris-Carolyn Carlson (prêt de studio)

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Info & short video (2012)