Yoshi Oïda Stage designer

Yoshi Oïda trained from early childhood in the traditional kyogen acting style of the Japanese No-theatre, before obtaining a Master’s degree in Philosophy at University of Keio, Japan. He has now been working brilliantly for almost thirty years with the “Magician of the European Theatre”, Peter Brook, in his Centre Internationale de Création Théâtrale in Paris.

He played in several Brook’s pieces like La Conférence des oiseaux or Orghast and in the films The Pillow Book, directed by Peter Greenaway which was selected for the Festival de Cannes in 1996, and Mahabharata, directed by Peter Brook in 1988.

Yoshi Oïda also wrote L’Acteur flottant, L’Acteur invisible and L’Acteur rusé, true links between the East and the West, which are reference books for Theatre professionals and enthusiasts worldwide.

In 2007, Yoshi Oïda was awarded « Officier de l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres ».