Nicolas de Zorzi Composer

Composer and piano improviser born in 1975, Nicolas de Zorzi began as a bass player in alternative music bands. He then trained in classical harmony classes at a conservatoire, and has collaborated with singers, short films’ directors and sound-design agencies.

His meeting with the star choreographer Carolyn Carlson in 2003, led him to devote himself to music for dance. He is the music author of her solo Double Vision, Immersion, Wind Woman, Synchronicty ballets… and improvises on piano regularly during her masterclasses.

He also composes for many contemporary and hip-hop dance companies, espacially Brahim Bouchelaghem. He was nominated for the 2009 Qwartz Electronic Music Awards for his album “Clepsydre”.

His music combines contemplation and emotion, exploring electronic and minimalist and genres. His pieces unfold as a series of landscapes, progressive and organic pulses.