Aleksi Aubry Carlson Composer

Aleksi Aubry-Carlson initiates to electric and acoustic guitar at age 11, with Ehat Musa among others. In 2002, he takes classes from David Lampel then Jean-Michel Bardez (Paris’ Conservatoires) in classical harmony until he gets his diploma. In parallel he perfects himself in improvisation, organ and follows an orchestration training with Henri-Claude Fantapié.

Composer above all, he has worked for United Colors of Benetton in Fabrica, their multimedia centre (Venice). He creates music for dance pieces for Carolyn Carlson, Alessandra Ferrarri and Alberto Casarotto. Since 2006, he regularly composes for internet medias, commercials, short films, animation films, mapping projections and video games. In 2015 he creates the music of an English full-length movie.