Won Won Myeong

Won Won Myeong is a Korean dancer born in 1976 and based in Sweden. He has been working as a performer and as a mentor, conducting various projects around the world. He graduated at the Seoul Institution of the Arts (1996-1998) and Korean National University of Arts (1998-2002), where he explored different forms of dance, materials and methods from his own.

Between 2001 and 2017, he had been performing with companies such as Sung Soo Ahn Pick up Group (SK), Bill Coleman (CA), Carolyn Carlson (FR), Wim Vandekeybus/Iltima vez (BE), Marie Chouinard (CA), and was invited as guest performer for Mia Habib « As song to » (NO). In 2015, Carolyn Carlson creates a solo for him, Burning. He recently rejoined with Bill Coleman to create and perform « Felt » in 2018, as well as joining Tero Saarinen Company (FI)

Won Myeong also directed and organised a project called Expedition contemporary/performing arts in 2006. He collaborated with Flemish director Tone Brulin, and the project premiered in Bujumbura, Burundi, in 2007.

As a mentor, he has been carrying workshops calles « Harmonious man », focused on humanity, emotion and mental. He starts with understanding how to use emotion and mental before translating it into corporal conditions and movements.