Sara Simeoni

Sara was born in Turin in 1971. She graduated from the National Academy of Dance in Rome and she attended the Accademia Isola Danza in Venice under the direction of Carolyn Carlson. She studied with choreographers Susanne Linke, Carolyn Carlson, Wim Vandekeybus, David Zambrano, Giorgio Rossi, Monica Francia, Jeremy Nelson, Ivan Wolf, Mina-Yo,Ted Stoffer, Rehinild Hoffman, Nigel Charnook, Sebastian Prantl, Martin Kylvady.

From 2005 to 2013, she worked as a dancer and performer in several projects at Centre Chorégraphique National Roubaix Nord-Pas de Calais under the direction of Carolyn Carlson: Inanna, Poetry Events, Synchronicity, we were horses in collaboration with Bartabas and Now.

Sara has been collaborating with various companies: Roberto Castello,Sosta Palmizi, Atacama, Fabio Ciccalè, Giuseppina Von Bingen, Irene K., Tanz Atelier Wien, Art Muov, Alessandra Palma, Tery Weikel and is now based in Berlin, developing her own work of video and dance.