Sara Orselli

Sara Orselli starts her dance studies at Dance Gallery under the direction of Valentina Romito and Rita Petrone, then form 1999 to 2002 she studies at Isola Danza, the academy of Biennale de Venise then directed by Carolyn Carlson. She dances in Parabola (1999), Light Bringers (2000), J. Beuys Song  (2001).

In 2003, she moves to Paris and becomes part of Juha Marsalo’s company in Prologue d’une Scène d’amour, Perle and Parfum. In parallel, she has been assisting Carolyn Carlson for years: Wash the Flowers in Luzern (2005), Les Rêves de Karabine Klaxon (2006), Woman in a room, solo for etoile dancer Diana Vishneva (2013), Pneuma (2014) for the Bordeaux Opera and more recently Seeds (2016), a piece for young audience. She dances in: Inanna (2005), Water Born (2006), eau (2008), Present Memory (2010), we were horses (2011), Synchronicity (2012), Now (2014, Théâtre National de Chaillot), Crossroads to Synchronicity (2017). In 2010 Carolyn Carlson creates the solo Mandala for her.

She regularly transmits pieces of the choreographer’s repertoire to prestigious ballets or pre-professional dancers and assists her for Masterclasses all around the world.

She also performs for Simona Bucci’s company Entre Lady Macbeth and Still There and for Johanna Levy in Convives.