Isida Micani

Born in Albania in 1978, Isida Micani began dancing at the National Academy of Arts in Tirana. Having danced the classical repertoire at Tirana Opera, she was taken on as a trainee at the Grand Théâtre in Geneva. She discovered contemporary dance when she joined the Ecole Nationale de Musique et de Danse in La Rochelle where she participated in the work of the Ballet Atlantique Régine Chopinot.

Taken on by the National Choreographic Centre in 1999, she developed her own personal work with the pieces Pi, Identitas and the video-dance Ni hier, Ni demain. In 2003, she founded the association aKoma névé with video artist and composer Spike to produce their artistic projects. Their work Hana programmed by the CCN, won the audience award at the contemporary dance competition [Re]connaissance in Meylan.

Under the direction of Carolyn Carlson, she performs in Inanna, Down by the River, Full Moon, Water born, Hidden, Eau, Present Memory, Mundus Imaginalis and Synchronicity.

In 2015, Carolyn Carlson transmits her mythical solo Density 21.5 to her.