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Alexis Ochin

Alexis Ochin discovers the Jacques Lecoq movement at the international School of Theater Lassâad in Brussels. He practices there dramatic mime, white pantomime, and masked acting in commedia dell’arte and as a clown. In parallel, he trains with dancers and choreographers Christina Crasto, Thérèse Dutheil, A.T. De Keersmaeker, Peter Goss, and Carolyn Carlson.

He works as a dancer, comedian, mime, puppeteer for the companies Lafeuille d’automne, Chicos Mambo and Mano Labo. In 2011, he performs and dances with Corinne and Gilles Benizio (aka Shirley et Dino) in the burlesque ballet La belle dormant, accompanied by the philarmonic orchestra of Brussels. He also works as manipulator and comedian for the visual poetry act La statue à deux têtes by Jérôme Murat at the Lido de Paris.

In 2014, he is a performer for the Pietragalla-Derouault company in the creation Les Chaises?, a poetic-absurd duo inspired by Eugène Ionesco. Since autumn 2014, he has been dancing in Tutu at Théâtre Bobino.