Yutaka Nakata

Native from Japan, Yutaka Nakata learns classical dance at the Nakata Ballet Theater School of Himeji. At 17, he joins the National Theater Ballet School in Australia and learns different dance forms. Following this formation, he gets into the Scala theatre school in Milan and graduates in 2001 in modern dance.

From 2002 to 2007, he joins the Ballet Theater München managed by Philip Taylor. He dances choreographies by Philip Taylor, Jirí Kylián or Carolyn Carlson. From his experience in the Ajan Lao school, Yutaka Nakata incorporated martial art techniques like Tai-Chi and Muay-Thai.

Dancer of Carolyn Carlson’s Company since 2007, he danced in all her major creations including Carolyn Carlson and Bartabas’ 2011-creation, we were horses. In parallel, Yutaka Nakata created the company DIEM Dance ImagE Motion in 2012.