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MAsters don't die

Carolyn Carlson has drawn since the 1970s, and her dance has always been closely related to the graphic arts, in inspiration and in space. With the ephemeral move remains the necessity to let the movement on paper.

Through poetry and the line, the invisible becomes visible, against the ephemeral act of dance that the artist defines as art of a moment in time and space. Those practices are indivisible from choreographic creation.


In June 2017, the Musée La Piscine in Roubaix launched a cycle for a year of three exhibitions in France, showing for the first time to the audience the graphic work of the choreographer. The Writings on water catalog, co-edited with Actes Sud, supported this engagement. In a version adapted to every place, the exhbition was shown at the Musée Toulouse Lautrec in Albi in the Spring 2018, and to the Galerie du Jour/agnès b. in Paris in June 2018.

Triptyque a la jeune fille

In the Summer 2019, a new kind of exhibition will be displayed : the Malle Expo « Le geste peint ».

The success of the exhibitions, the curiosity and pleasure demonstrated by the audience, both old and new, of Carolyn Carlson, the interest generated by mediation and the associated cultural events, the relevance of the artists’ « autobiography » for the knowledge of the work, have brought the Company to imagine a larger diffusion and mediation, thanks to the idea of a « malle-expo », for the audience and for the places of diffusion and of heritage where the Carolyn Carlson Company performs.

Plan de travail 1