Carolyn Carlson prefers to use the term “visual poetry” to “choreography”, while describing her work. She uses dance, writing and calligraphy as means of expressing poetry.

She has been publishing poetry and calligraphy books for many years:

Most of these publications are for sale during the tours at our boutique

Le Soi et le rien   (Actes Sud, 2002)


Dancer and choreographer Carolyn Carlson has collected some poems and thoughts that feed her reflection on movement and mind. Illustrated with Chinese ink drawings by the author, these texts are close to the kôan in zen buddhism.

Solo poèmes et encres   (Alternatives, Gallimard, 2003)

SolosThe world, fate, love, death, are some of the many inspiring themes for Carolyn Carlson which recall Zen or Tao «postures». These illustrated poems, chosen among her numerous notebooks, show how spirituality and thoughts can generate calligraphic signs in her choreographic work.

This book is not published anymore, some copies are for sale at our boutique during tours.